How to have White and Beautiful Teeth.

How to have White and Beautiful Teeth.

By Franklin Dental

Dental Assistant

Many people out there want to have white teeth, and there are many benefits of having this. With white teeth, you are able to make a better first impression, makes you look younger, and it also boosts your confidence. There are expensive dental procedures you can go for to whiten your teeth, but there are a couple of things you can do to whiten your teeth without having to spend a lot of money. You will be able to notice some changes after some time, and you will be happy with the results. Some of the things you can do include;

The color of what you eat and drink is important

You should try your best to cut back on drinks such as coffee, black tea, cola, or red wine. These drinks will stain your teeth and weaken them over time. If you have to use the drinks, then it is a good idea to use a straw because it will ensure there is less contact with the teeth.

What you eat has an effect on your teeth

You should rarely eat certain foods because they can change the color of your teeth. Some of these include ketchup, say sauce, and acidic food and drinks. Eat more of nuts, whole grains, fruits and vegetable rich in fiber, and water. Freshly squeezed citrus fruits have a high concentration of fruit acids, which can be harmful to the enamel, especially for people with sensitive teeth. If you have these kinds of drinks, ensure you brush or rinse your teeth immediately after.

Candies and caramel sweets can create an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. Dark chocolate is not as dangerous to the teeth because it contains cacao beans which can help in fighting bacteria. Hard cheese is a good friend for the teeth. It is rich in calcium and it is good for your teeth and the whole body.

Brush your teeth regularly

The main cause of teeth stains and teeth problems is bacteria. Brushing your teeth after meals is a good way to ensure you avoid stains and teeth problems. It is advisable to use a gentle brush and natural toothpaste. The acidic environment created after eating softens the enamel, which is why you need to do brush your teeth at least 30 minutes after you eat. If you can brush your teeth after every meal, try doing it twice daily.

Brush your teeth the right way

Brushing the teeth too hard can scrub off your enamel, this is why it is important to do it in the right way. Maintain the time you use to brush your teeth at two minutes. Use circular motions to brush your teeth. It is also important to use at least 30 seconds to brush your tongue. Finish rinsing your teeth with mouthwash or water. Try flossing your teeth daily.

Baking Soda

This is a great DIY tip for whitening your teeth, but it is important to remember that it is not an everyday solution. You should avoid using baking soda if you have sensitive teeth. How do you use baking soda? Start off by squeezing the toothpaste on the toothbrush and topping it up with a small amount of baking soda and brushing your teeth as usual. There are some people who use only the baking soda, but it is more comfortable to use it with toothpaste. It is always a good idea to consult your dentist before using self-remedies.

Use alcohol-free mouthwash

Many of the over the counter mouthwashes have high levels of alcohol, which dries the tissues in the mouth and making them more vulnerable to bacteria. This is why you should be careful when choosing a mouthwash. There are many alcohol-free mouthwashes in the market.

Gargle with apple cider vinegar

You can do this before you brush your teeth every day. Vinegar will go a long in helping remove stains, killing bacteria in the mouth and gums, and whitening the teeth.

Change your toothbrush

It is a good idea to change your toothbrush every two to three months, this is to avoid transferring bacteria to your mouth. If you use an electric toothbrush, then you should also change the head every two to three months. When brushing your teeth, ensure you hold it like a pencil to avoid scrubbing too hard.

Stay fresh

The best way to check if you have a fresh breath is licking your palm and smelling it while it is still wet. If you smell something, then you need to take a sugar-free breath mint. It is important to go with the sugar-free option because sugar can damage your teeth.

Having white teeth is more about habit than a one-off thing. Maintaining a proper dental hygiene is one of the most important ways to ensure you have white teeth.


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